Daniel Howell is a dreamer.  He sees possibilities and ideas around him all the time.  Daniel finds new insights and perspectives to common problems.  As a small boy, he was fascinated with building things.  Growing up he aspired to be an architect, then an artist, and ultimately decided to go into industrial design and marketing using his artistic vision and strategic mind.  Daniel continued to create art and see the world from his unique perspective while working in corporate America over the last 15 years.  He designed products from strollers to fishing rods, painted, drew, and thought up plots for science fiction novels as he worked to make the world a better place by solving product design issues. 

All of this is to say, Daniel Howell is an artist to his core with a talent for making the everyday special by showing others his vision and bringing the ‘art of the possible’ forward in a positive way.  His art uplifts and is a hopeful view of a world worth working towards and investing in.